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Octomore 10.3

Octomore 10.3

61,3 alc%
Fles formaat: 70cl


Character : Marine freshness, Islay air and a deep rooted level of fruitiness from the distillation characterise this release.

Aroma : – Earthy peat smoke, dry and a little medicinal, lemon drops, and thyme come through and then marine, sea shell notes along with some vanilla and fudge from the oak.

Taste : Salt on the lips and more honey and lemon on the palate, then the peat sweeps in with the oak and heat from the high strength. Deeper flavours from the spirit, pear and gooseberry are more defined and richer.

Finish : Sweet on the finish initially with pastry and chocolate but then bitter notes of rubbery smoke and spice towards the end.

colour : Pale straw.